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Who We Are.

Bliss Executive Partners is a metro Atlanta-based, woman-owned consulting agency offering virtual staffing and human resources solutions to growing small businesses.


The boutique agency was birthed as a result of working with clients under our sister company - Bliss Virtual Services that launched in 2020. What we found is that many small business owners are uncomfortable with the idea of scaling because they are overwhelmed with doing all "the work" and simply cannot see beyond their day-to-day to build a fully remote or hybrid team that is both highly-skilled and engaged.

Our 4-Step Process

1. We learn your immediate needs via a pre-assessment.

2. We monitor your progress during weekly check-ins and by tracking KPIs.

3. We identify and recommend the type of support you will need in order to scale.

4. We design and implement a tailored, long-term plan for the modern workplace.

"My specialist was always warm and I looked forward to our talks. There was gentle accountability created on my end to keep up with deadlines. I was eventually able to determine that I currently need on-demand support to keep things efficient in my business."

- Blair D. Robinson, Founder & CEO

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Our Guiding Principle


We strive to be transparent in our communication and conscientious in our decision-making to build trust from our stakeholders.

Our First Core Value


Getting to know the hearts of our clients is what sets up apart. We genuinely care about your struggles and desire to see you win. Your weekly check-ins are reserved for business updates, but we also take this time to get to know more about you outside of work.

Our Second Core Value


Providing you an unparalleled experience while working with our team is a top priority. We listen before we speak and think before we execute. Your opinion is what we value most therefore we will periodically collect honest feedback to ensure we are hitting the mark.

Our Third Core Value


We've all heard the saying "health over wealth". Our team embodies this by honoring boundaries and practicing self-care regularly. We will encourage you to rest and take time away from work to make memories with your loved ones and focus on passion projects.

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Ready to speak with us to see how we can help you scale?

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